Fee Schedule

Schedule of Other Fees and Service Charges

As of May 01, 2023
Item Fee
Stop Payment Charge (all stop payments) $30.00 per item
NSF Return Item Charge* $35.00
NSF Paid Item Charge* $35.00
ATM/Debit Card Replacement $10.00
“Expedited” ATM/Debit Card Replacement $75.00
Minimum Balance Fees (See Individual Checking/Savings Account Disclosures) Between $2 & $6/month
Commercial Continuous Overdraft $8.00 per day
Official Bank Check $10.00 each
Outgoing Foreign Collection Item $15.00 each
Incoming Foreign Collection Items $15.00 each
Early Closure (Deposit Accounts closed within the first four months) $25.00
Foreign Currency Order $20.00 per order
Dormant Account Fee (After 36 months of inactivity – Checking only) $5.00 per month
IRA Transfers (Outgoing) $25.00
Legal Processing (Per subpoena, attachment, levy, etc.) $100.00
Money Orders $3.00 each
Night Drop Key Replacement $10.00 each
Notary Fee (Customer) No Charge
Notary Fee (Non-Customer) $2.00 each
Photocopies - Paid Checks (Available Free of Charge in Net Teller) $2.00 each
Photocopies (Documents) $2.00 per page
Photocopies (Statements) $2.00 each
Interim Account Statement $2.00 each
Reconciliation of Account $30.00 per hour
Account Research $30.00 per hour
Online Banking (Net Teller) FREE
Online Bill-Payment FREE
Bill-Pay Fee (Optional Rush Delivery - 1 or 2 days) $14.95 or $19.95
Safe Deposit Box Rental (2"x5"x21") $10.00/Year + Tax
Safe Deposit Box Rental (3"x5"x21") $25.00/Year + Tax
Safe Deposit Box Rental (2"x10"x21") $35.00/Year + Tax
Safe Deposit Box Rental (5"x5"x21") $40.00/Year + Tax
Safe Deposit Box Rental (3"x10”x"21") $50.00/Year + Tax
Safe Deposit Box Rental (5"x10”x"21") $75.00/Year + Tax
Safe Deposit Box Rental (5”x16”x21”) $90.00/Year + Tax
Safe Deposit Box Rental (10"x10"x21") $125.00/Year + Tax
Safe Deposit Box (Lost Key) $20.00 each
Safe Deposit Box Drilling Fee $250.00
Safe Deposit Box Late Payment $10.00
Mail Returned by Post Office $10.00 each
Wire Transfer (Incoming) $10.00
Wire Transfer (Outgoing) $25.00
Wire Transfer $50.00 

*This fee is imposed for overdrafts created by checks, in-person withdrawals, ATM withdrawals or by other electronic means, as applicable drawn against insufficient or uncollected funds. Includes items paid, returned, ACH items for checking and savings accounts per item.

Withdrawals made using your Catskill Hudson Bank (CHB) Debit Card, or your CHB ATM Card at non-CHB (in the Allpoint Network) ATM facilities will be processed without a CHB fee, but may include any fee the facility owner may assess.

Standard Residential Mortgage Loan Servicing Fee Schedule

Fee Amount Description
Mortgage Late Charge 2% of P&I payment due This fee is assessed when your mortgage payment is made after your payment grace period has expired.
(may vary by property)
$460.00 - $1,000.00 The fee charged by the appraiser will be passed on to you if an appraisal is ordered to determine your property’s value.
Real Property
Tax Service Fee
*(+ $20 per $100k in loan amount above $500k)
A one-time charge for ongoing real estate tax monitoring.
Exceed HELOC Credit Line (NSF – Returned Check) $20.00 Per occurrence for each HELOC check that would bring the balance above the credit limit.
Partial Release of Mortgaged Premises Cost of Attorney review No CHB fee. You would be expected to pay the actual cost of our attorney review of the document.
Mortgage Satisfaction or Discharge Varies No CHB fee to prepare. County Clerk charges a fee that varies by County and instrument being filed.
Mortgage Recast Fee
*(+ 0.25% of the principal reduction)
This fee is assessed when a recast (reamortization after a large principal reduction is made to the mortgage; more than $75,000) is requested by the Borrower.
Subordination Fee Attorney Fee - $300.00 No CHB fee. Charge due Attorney is for preparation of Subordination Agreement. Appraisal is required, see fee above. 
Please Note: This list may not include all fees that may be charged for services rendered. Additional fees could be charged if you utilize services not listed above, or in special circumstances, such as in the event of bankruptcy or foreclosure. Fees are subject to change at any time.