Remote Deposit FAQ

Remote Deposit Anywhere FAQ’s

Using CHBNY you can now safely and securely make deposits to your Catskill Hudson Bank accounts using a picture of a check taken with the camera in your compatible smartphone.
You can make deposits to any checking or savings account to which you are an owner on the account. Prior to scanning the original check you will restrictively endorse the back of the original check with “For CHB Mobile Deposit Only ”. Your endorsement must include your signature.
You can submit RDA check deposits 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. RDA Deposits submitted through either method are processed like traditional paper check deposits. Check deposits received prior to 4:00 PM (EST) will be processed on the same business day.
All personal and business customers with the required smartphone eligible for the product. You will need to read and agree to our RDA User Disclosure and Agreement, complete our RDA Application, and meet the Bank’s acceptance criteria. To apply and access the agreement and application please visit our website at

We are happy to offer this service free of charge. You may be charged for Internet access by your mobile wireless provider.
Personal and business checks drawn on a financial institution and payable in United States currency can be deposited through RDA. Deposit requires a picture of the front and back of the check. In the event that RDA is not available, or you are unable to scan a certain item, you can still deposit an original check at any of our branches or through our ATMs, or by mailing the original check to us at 643 Route 211 East, Middletown, NY 10941.
This is a partial list, please see our disclosure for a definitive listing:
  • Checks or items payable to any person or business entity other than you.
  • Checks or items containing clear evidence of alteration to any of the fields on the front of the check
  • Checks or items not drawn on a financial institution or payable in United States currency.
  • Checks or items that are stale or post dated.
  • Checks or items stamped with a “non-negotiable” watermark.
  • Any third party check, defined as any item that is made payable to another party and subsequently endorsed to you by such party.
The smartphone given you the option to pick which one of your accounts you want to make a deposit to. You will choose which accounts you want to deposit to upon applying for the product.
After you make a deposit you will receive an email from the Bank letting you know the deposit has been approved, noting the time, date and amount of the deposit, and we will provide you with a reference number. The RDA application will also retain the deposit information for five days, along with an image of the front and back of the item deposited. You can also print a confirmation of your deposit, which includes images of the front and back of the item deposited.
The RDA service has qualification requirements. If approved for the service. As each check is submitted individually, each item will be reviewed separately. 
We recommend that you retain the original check for 90 days to safeguard against unexpected or unusual circumstances on your account. In the interim period do not alter or destroy the check.
The software performs an analysis of the picture of both the front and back of the check before it submits the item for processing. As each check is submitted individually, each item will be reviewed separately.
Upon signing into the application you can access your Options
by clicking on the three lines in the upper left part screen. Click on your name at the bottom of the window and select settings and security. Password require an alphanumeric password with at least eight characters and no more than ten characters.